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OT 40

Postby gcfox » Fri Jun 10, 2011 3:53 pm

June 10, 2011.

Recently completed a new plane for my hangar. This is an OT- 40. Wingspan 54 inches, length 43 inches, wing area 612 inches, Weight about 5 pounds. Equipped with an OS 46 FX purchased about 2003 and using an 11/6 prop.

This was purchased as an ARF from Four Pi, Inc. at Toledo. Very little of the furnished hardware was used. Thus it does not look quite like the picture on the box. Many changes were made: aluminum landing gear, non inverted engine, no cowl, covering added to rear fuselage, flexible pushrods used instead of wood dowels, larger motor mount. and different shaped fuel tank.

Instructions were limited but good; especially the photos. Recommended low rate throws seem adequate. No expo needed. Flys nicely at half throttle or less.
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